T-HUB 10.593 update for Shopify 03-2023

T-HUB 10.593 update for Shopify 03-2023

Shopify has upgraded their API's and requires all integrated apps to update. Please follow these steps to update your T-HUB

Part 1: Update T-HUB application
Open T-HUB application and click on Application updates

Click on default prompts to download and apply the update. Restart T-HUB.

Alternatively, you can download and run the update from here

After the update, verify that the application version has been updated to 10.593

Part 2: Update Shopify link from T-HUB
In T-HUB, click on Web Stores > My Web Stores

Select your Shopify store and click on Edit Store

Step 1 - click on Signin. Follow prompts to login to Shopify as admin user and confirm to update T-HUB Online application.
Step 2 - Click on Get Authentication Token. This completes the update.

Click on Update and Close

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