T-HUB Desktop Reslease version history

T-HUB Desktop Reslease version history

Version 10.592  03/17/2023

  1. Shopify API migration (mandatory)
  2. Amazon SP-API improvements
  3. QuickBooks version updates

Version 10.589  09/12/2022

  1. Mangento2 custom field update
  2. Amazon SP-API migration
  3.  Packing list update

Version 10.582  04/12/2021

  1. QuickBooks version update
  2. Shopify Updates
  3.  Performance updates

Version 10.569  08/27/2020

  1. ChannelAdvisor Order download missing some orders from afternoon - PaymentDateUtc issue fixed.
  2. eBay order download order totals not skipping marketplace tax.
  3. QuickBooks Enterprise - Order posting failed - invalid ship date error
  4. Magento 2 Order import - incorrect price fixed.
  5. Reverb Order download not working
  6. *New -Reverb - Marketplace tax compatible
  7. Endicia label service  - Address validation - moved to new service
  8. Webshop Manager - remove control characters in order download response - completed
  9. Woocommerce - create products in draft status
  10. Woocommerce - Added support for V3 API
  11. Shopify - New App integration
  12. Force upgrade based on MinAppVersion of application

Version 10.558  09/26/2019

  1. Amazon PII Data security update. Please click here to read more information on this.
  2.  * New * QuickBooks 2020 support enabled

Version 10.556  08/20/2019

  1. Shopify order download issue - orders not downloaded those created after at 9 PM
  2. Volusion - remove comma (,) from discount name
  3. Walmart - new case added for those orders are already shipped.
  4. Common fix - Order download issue - shipmethod map record already exist error
  5. Inventory screen  - sorting missing in while moving pages in grid
  6. Phone order screen error - while trying to open phone order tab it says another user is logged  and the order is empty
  7. View orders in custom Filters - fixed

Version 10.555  07/12/2019

  1. Magento 2.x - hiding visibility attribute in inventory update call
  2. Phone Number truncation from amazon order download and UPS Online shipments

Version 10.554   04/06/2019

  1. importing customer comments in ecwid order download
  2. Order download failed after sub order creation
  3. Skip loading metadata values starts with (_) in woocommerce order download
  4. Magento 2 auto token refresh implemented.
  5. Woocommerce Order download importing shipping tax.
  6. *New* - Fedex new version implemented.
  7. Walmart - inventory & Price update using feed
  8. Amazon tax issue - fixed
  9. ShipmethodhMap screen -error - fixed

Version 10.551   01/12/2019

  1. Ebay - skip sales tax in order download
  2. Xcart - downloading custom attributes of line items and appended in line item description
  3. WebshopManager - tracking update fix
  4. QuickBooks Enterprise - Invoice + Payment without payment method
  5. Amazon settlement report download - setting AvailableToDate in api call
  6. Walmart - inventory update api upgraded from V2 to V3
  7. XCart - added support for street_2 in Order download
  8. QuickBooks Enterprise Posting - different customer selected during posting - customer map popup in multiple times
  9. Import Handling fee from BigCommerce - merged handling fee with shipping fee in order download
Version 10.548  - 11/17/2018

  1. Manage shipping provider based on tracking length 
  2. THUB Adding variant products to Magento from POS
  3. When Adding a NEW Product from THUB to website , it should be sending all products from the group to website in one call.
  4. X-cart 5 order download - payment method loading to T-HUB.
  5. Ebay order download issue - Name duplication has been fixed.
  6. Shopify inventory update - improvements
  7. Network solution - Importing TransactionID in order download.
  8. QuickBooks Enterprise - support for QuickBooks version19.
  9. THUB eBay Order download - Manage orderTotal for international orders where eBays global shipping program is being used.
  10. Ecwid API - Accept-Encoding: gzip feature implemented in Order download API Calls.
  11. T-HUB - Order CSV Import - loading Discount amount - fixed.
  12. Bigcommerce - Order download - Importing SalesRep
  13. Fix - Skip Order tax for amazon from automator.

Version 10.547  - 09/18/2018

  1. Inventory update improvements
  2. QuickBooks Enterprise Sync  - Optimization
  3. UniqueLock on Orders - avoid multi-user order update issue
  4. Downloading Orders based on market place id - if US marketplace  entered , only US orders will download. If CA Marketplace entered only CA orders will download
  5. Managing ApplicationConfig.xml file in local computer, if not exist/ deleted, restoring data from ApplicationConfig_Backup.xml file
  7. WebshopManager - order download - added Sortdir condition in order download call.
  8. Shopify API - channel code  changed from XML to JSON
  9. Magento 2.x - shipment update - Implemented new workflow (updated tracking and order status in single API call instead of TWO API Calls).
  10. T-HUB to QuickBooks Point of Sale - order posting - checking string max length on ZIP and Comments fields from Order.
  11. Implemented New way to Maintain State List to skip order tax from amazon (stored list of state codes in TBO server and fetched in license check API call).
  12. Import tracking from QuickBooks Enterprise to T-HUB - new format implemented ( Tracking Number :   )
  13. WebshopManager - importing coupon code in order download call.
  14. QuickBooks Enterprise Map to InventoryAssembly items - fixed.
  15. ETSY API - registered with NEW DEV Apps with new account.
  16. Shopify API - accept special characters in discount code has been implemented.
  17. 3dcart shipment update - ShipmentDate format changed( MMM-DD-YYYY).

Version 10.543  - 04/23/2018

  1. Update for Amazon Marketplace Tax collection model
  2. Separating orders from Amazon US and Amazon CA
  3. QuicBooks POS sales receipt deposit posting to stop rounding up amount
  4. Save tracking to "Other" field in QuickBooks
  5. Packing list template to now show Bin# column if Bin# custom field is not mapped
  6. Archive and delete OLD Shipment image data from database
  7. Export Orders to file update to include orders without payment detail

Version 10.541  - 01/18/2018

  1. Volusion order download - translate payment method codes
  2. Price update to Shopify to update the On-sale and regular price
  3. Shopify Order download fix for discount names with & character
  4. Bigcommerce quantity update fixed if price update selected
  5. Item search in Order detail page fixed
  6. Skip loading tracking from UPS WorldShip if Order already marked shipped and published
  7. Other charge type item in QuickBooks Enterprise to support sub-items
  8. Pending order download from Amazon - not to be picked up by Automator for auto-posting
  9. Woocommerce Order download - support list of Status to SKIP download. Example : Pending status can be added to list to skip download
  10. Sort on product upload screen to retain search parameter across pages
  11. ELS SHipping screen not to set quantity shipped if error in label generation after get rates success
  12. CSV Order file import with zip code with dashes

Version 10.537  - 11/16/2017

  1. New * QuickBooks POS 18 support added
  2. Fix for Large number of Amazon FBA order download
  3. Sales Order Import from QuickBooks Point of Sale to import the ship method
  4. Woocommerce Order download to get additional item meta data if available
  5. Order iport from CSV file with zip code containing dashes - fixed
  6. Negotated rates display for UPS SurePost
  7. Some orders importing without line items - fixed the NextID creation

Version 10.536  - 11/01/2017

  1. Volusion Order download to support multiple order status list (New, Processing, Awaiting Payment, Ready To Ship, Shipped, Pending Shipment)
  2. Inventory update to BigCommerce to support price and quantity update
  3. Sub-item of other charge type fixed for posting to QuickBooks
  4. Order import from POS to default to date for last 7 days
  5. Item search in Order detail screen fixed
  6. Orders export to file to export unit weight and unit cost
  7. UPS Shipping - default ship method mapping fixed
  8. Inventory by Site display fixed
  9. WooCommerce Orders with discount - download fixed
  10. Tracking update to volusion  - status not turning green in T-HUB – fixed

Version 10.534  - 10/05/2017

  1. New * QuickBooks 2018 support
  2. New * Amazon Seller fulfiled Prime orders flagged.
  3. New * Import orders from QuickBooks POS for shipping
  4. New * Reverb marketplace now supported
  5. Product upload screen performance boost
  6. 3dCart Product variants inventory update
  7. Walmart order download fix to resolve hanging if no orders returned for given date
  8. Walmart fix for Orders with Tax and cancelled lines
  9. Magento 2.x Order downlaod fix
  10. Web ship method in download to not change if there is a mapping defined
  11. Shopify order downlaod fix if encrypted card information sent
  12. WooCommerce tracking update fixed
  13. Tracking update to X-cart 5 fixed
  14. Weight in Oz setting for order download fixed
  15. CSV Order file import - zip code issue fixed
  16. Channel Advisor product download performance improvement
  17. Sales Rep not assigned to transactions in QuickBooks - fixed
  18. ListDeletedQuery call to QuickBooks POS fixed
  19. Sales Tax code setting for QuickBooks to allow manual entry of names.

Version 10.530  - 07/24/2017

  1. Order download performance improvement
  2. Map to group type item from QuickBooks for order posting
  3. Fix to blank packing list for some orders
  4. Product upload call to website to send user-agent
  5. Stock status not showing ok for assembly type items - fixed
  6. Inventory update for Magento 2 hangs after few calls - fixed
  7. Order download from Shopsite to get Credit card details
  8. Channel Advisor REST API to support new parameter - Distribution center.
  9. Woocommerce inventory update for variant type products
  10. Import Sales Receipt from QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  11. Beta - Integration with Reverb and new API for ECWID

Version 10.517  - 04/19/2017

  1. USPS shipping to check for too small package dimension
  2. Ebay Order download to have line breaks between options
  3. WooCommerce update calls to send user-agent
  4. Partial order shipping fix to increase sql timeout
  5. 3dCart to trim html formatting characters during order download
  6. Registered trademark issue with Fedex shipping fixed

Version 10.516  - 03/29/2017

  1. Amazon Order download update to use updated API from Amazon
  2. Magento 2 fix for getting shipping address if different from billing address
  3. 3dCart Order download to parse item descriptions and remove html formatting code
  4. Tracking update to BigCommerce - clickable on Bigcommerce
  5. Order selection not to change after shipping an order.

Version 10.514  - 02/20/2017

  1. Order download from walmart - not getting phone number - fixed
  2. Channel Advisor REST API inventory update fix
  3. Get company name from x-cart 5 REST API fix
  4. Order download from ECWID to get PO number if available
  5. Magento 2 - not to update price if only quantity update selected
  6. Integrated UPS Online label adjustment at the top
  7. Inventory assembly build to consider available quantity instead of On hand quantity if available quantity is setup
  8. Phone orders saved with credit cards, to trigger cleanup of credit card numbers so not saved in DB for security reasons
  9. Add Tax in non taxable tax code list
  10. Signature waiver for priority mail express fixed
  11. Address validation for ELS with line 2 fixed so not to repeat line 2 after validation
  12. Channel Advisor REST API provided option to pull orders based on paid status
  13. Incorrect display of demo version displayed to customers
  14. Added a new column to display stock status for each order
  15. Pound weight from integrated scale not read on ELS shipping screen

Version 10.510  - 11/11/2016

  1. New * Support for WooCommerce 2.6 (new REST API)
  2. New * Added support for Walmart

Version 10.509  - 10/10/2016

  1. New * Support for QuickBooks 2017
  2. New * Added a shipping manifest report. Orders page, under shipping icon > Shipping manifest
  3. New * Print packing lists from shipping screens (print in same sequence as shipping labels)
  4. New * Quantity compare report between QuickBooks and Amazon
  5. New * Automator to reattempt posting of failed orders.
  6. Channel Advisor - REST API integration.
  7. Endicia label refund request issue fixed
  8. Fix for high cpu usage for some usb digital scales
  9. Magento 2.x fix for incorrect shipping address and unit price.
  10. Allow print of USPS labels even when no email avail from websites
  11. Signature not being shown for Priority mail express.
  12. Query list of site names from QuickBooks Enterprise- advanced inventory
  13. Allow edit of orders fetched from QuickBooks without email address
  14. Allow loading of tracking from QuickBooks when shipped with stamps in QuickBooks.
  15. WooCommerce map tax names from wesbite to Tax names in QuickBooks.
  16. Packing list tag added to print PO Number.
  17. Fix for invalid ship methods coming from volusion
  18. Update of multiple items on website from one item in QuickBooks.
  19. Customer add to QuickBooks POS should assign tax category if taxable
  20. WooCommerce product download to fetch all variants
  21. FIX for APO address shipping with Stamps
  22. UPS Label - reprint option
  23. Order Prefix and post fix for sending to QuickBooks
  24. Fetch transactions from QuickBooks with non-numeric transaction numbers
  25. Improved speed of Amazon settlement report screen
  26. Fedex online shipping to record shipping cost in THUB
  27. Fix for Printer name override when printer names are different on different computer

Version 10.501  - 06/17/2016


*** important note *** After installing this update - please do the following steps


  1. WooCommerce order download issue - download in smaller batches
  2. APO Address shipping for stamps
  3. Network solutions, clicking on test store connection breaks the link - fixed
  4. Loading stamps tracking from QuickBooks
  5. Allow edit of orders fetched from QuickBooks without email
  6. Fixed Auto-backup on close
  7. Fixed issue of Import tracking from QuickBooks, blanking the screen
  8. Sequence of packing list printing to match the sequence on screen
  9. Adding customer to QuickBooks POS to set tax category if applicable

version 10.499  - 05/19/2016

  1. Orders failed to post via Automator will be re-attempted for posting.
  2. WooCommerce order download issue - order count format difference
  3. Updated to fix tax name mapping from website tax name to QuickBooks tax name.

Version 10.498  - 05/06/2016

  1. Updated code certificate to avoid installation warnings on windows 10
  2. Ingtegration with PriceFalls marketplace
  3. Etsy integration - beta
  4. UPS Online - save the negotiated rates returned and print the same on doc tab
  5. Endicia label server settings not saving when ship from zip is blank - fixed
  6. Scale - Fairbanks SCB-R9000-14U integration updatedAmazon Inventory latency value not to be updated when channel details saved
  7. Price update to Channel Advisor to update Store Price field on CA by default
  8. 3dCart - new API updates for Product download and ship method value
  9. Save customer tax code on customer record when creating a taxable customer in QuickBooks
  10. FedEx Online default for Duties - fixed
  11. Site name field on Other settings limit set to 31 chars as allowed by QuickBooks.
  12. Stamps rounding error for Oz weight
  13. Tracking update for x-cart 5
  14. Printer name settings - not to get updated if the printer does not exist on one computer, changed from drop down selection to a popup
  15. WooCommerce Order download to bring in Tax names
  16. Order having multiple tracking to send only the 1st to online channels since eBay etc does not accept multiple tracking
  17. Fetch transactions from QuickBooks with non-numeric transaction numbers
  18. Drop ship settings not to get updated if preferences saved without opening drop ship settings popup page
  19. PONumber tag in packing list added
  20. Map Tax names from website to specific tax names in QuickBooks
  21. Query list of site names from QuickBooks with Advanced inventory
  22. Inventory by Site to only pull from QuickBooks - inventory for needed sites
  23. Priority Mail express to show signature option
  24. Sending inventory updates for assembly items to website to use flag in Other settings to send quantity on hand or quantity can build. 

Version 10.491  - 01/17/2016

  1. Update for USPS Price changes for Endicia and Stamps.com
  2. Beta for 3dCart new API, Etsy and PriceFalls

10.488 -  11/23/2015

  1. Amazon FBA Order download issue fixed - download date not changing after download
  2. CS-Cart Order download issue fixed appending custom option details to Item description
  3. Posting error to QuickBooks Point of Sale fixed - date format issue
  4. Display any invalid product mappings - if a website product code is mapped to an Item in QuickBooks and then the item in QuickBooks has been removed or changed then the mapping becomes invalid and has to be updated or removed in T-HUB.
  5. New * Update multiple products on website from one product in QuickBooks / QuickBooks POS. So multiple listings on Amazon/eBay/website can be updated from one product in QuickBooks. 

Version 10.487  - 10/26/2015

  1. Amazon FBA Order download issue fixed - handling unannounced change from Amazon on report end date
  2. CS-Cart Order download issue fixed when cart API returning dummy data for orders not existing on website
  3. Item mapping to take precedence even if Item from website exists in QuickBooks. So if Order comes from website with Item Code: ABC, and QuickBooks has an item named "ABC" then if there is a mapping to map "ABC" to "XYZ" then T-HUB will send order too Item XYZ
  4. Tracking file import to handle all store types.

Version 10.485  - 10/08/201

  1. New * Support for QuickBooks 2016
  2. Volusion - handle orders paid via Gift Certificate
  3. Fixed problem with Insured amount above $1000 for Endicia insurance
  4. Inventory update to website to handle orders in SKIP status.

Version 10.484  - 09/17/2015

  1. Update to work with BigCommerce API v2 changes
  2. Amazon - merchant fulfilled order download from settlement screen
  3. Inventory screen to display quantity details when clicked on quantity number
  4. WooCommerce Inventory update from Screen
  5. FedEx Online - EPL thermal label printing.

Version 10.483  - 09/02/2015

  1. New * FedEx Online Updated Integration - Support for FedEx OneRate, Dangerous Goods, Alcohol, Non Standard Packaging. For existing T-HUB users using FedEx Online, this requires re-registration of your FedEx account in T-HUB. Follow these steps 
  2. Update to work with WooCommerce 2.0 API
  3. Ship with Endicia Label service to set the ship date in future if selected to ship in future date.
  4. Ship with Endicia Label Service - to print the country of origin for International labels
  5. Inventory update screen - Sold on web store name changed to "Upd. Online Inventory (via Automator)" to make it more meaningful
  6. Made improvements to prevent items selected for update do not get unchecked.
  7. Pagination on Product upload screen
  8. Stamps.com shipping to set email notification only if selected.

Version 10.478  - 06/29/2015

  1. Inventory by Site for QuickBooks Enterprise/Advanced Inventory - display stock levels by site location.

Version 10.477  - 05/27/2015

  1. Update for Endicia Dazzle 15.2 - fix for dazzle issue of not being able to exchange data from public\Temp folder
  2. Drop Ship item message customizable on Packing list
  3. SurePost address line 2 correction
  4. Inventory update - Item Not set issue - resolved
  5. UPS Online Account number formatting - fixed
  6. ELS - shipping rubber stamp to allow PO Number
  7. UPS Online and FedEx Online to set as Sender if no third party account number specified

Version 10.476  - 05/07/2015

  1. Delayed tracking update to online channels - Instant or Manual settings. Use to setup Amazon to be updated manually after the shipper has picked up package
  2. Fetch Order from QuickBooks with Order Number start and end range
  3. Default Package type selection for UPS Online, FedEx Online and USPS/Endicia Label Server shipping
  4. Shopify - fix for Order download item description encoding issue
  5. Volusion Order download to fetch Order_Entry_System to differentiate Amazon orders coming via Volusion. Value displayed in Order.CustomField.
    Version 10.475 - 05/04/2015
  1. New Scale support - Dymo S250
  2. Customer comments from eBay order to be loaded
  3. Update for Amazon Settlement report changes
  4. FedEx Smart Post fix for FedEx Ship Manager
  5. Shopify - Encode node values to handle data with special characters.
  6. Endicia Shipping fix for Oz weight being truncated
  7. Ecwid order download - fix for First and Last name
  8. BigCommerce Order Import - append Options on new lines
  9. Endicia Label Server - Production and Test server Url change.
  10. Dazzle - Layout path correction
  11. Order details - Searched item add and update - added an icon to add items
  12. Fix for UPS Online not getting rates for Canada address.
  13. Import of Orders from QuickBooks Desktop as phone order.
  14. Custom field import from QuickBooks Enterprise for Default UPS and FedEx accounts. Set default third party account as <OC1>, <OC2>
  15. QuickBooks POS - Desc2 field size update
  16. Americommerce order download issue fix
  17. Fix for Priority Mail Express (Endicia Label Service)  ShipDate and ShipTime issue
  18. Fix for Ship to South korea - invalid country code
  19. Global Shipping program (GSP) on eBay  -  Kits price directly from eBay to QuickBooks.
  20. Shopify - order download Web ship method

Version 10.471 - 02/18/2015

  1. Update for UPS Sure Post less than 1 Lb service
  2. FedEx Online shipping to allow PO Number from order details and custom fields to be put on Invoice#, Reference# or PO# field on FedEx Label
  3. CSV Order file import to retain the sequence of Items in Order from file.

Version 10.470 - 01/22/2015

  1.  New * - Support for digital scale Mettler Toledo PS 60
  2. New * - UPS Online thermal label to support 4" x 6" label with 2" doctab at the bottom
  3. Fix for Map item insert issue
  4. Network solution order download fix for PayPal payment method
  5. Preferred vendor fix for adding PO into QuickBooks FS
  6. CS-Cart Order download API fix
  7. Date conversion issue fixed for download amazon orders
  8. Amazon FBA Order download - resolved issue where download stuck if no orders to report
  9. UPS Online to allow upto 10 pacakges in one shipment

Version 10.465 - 10/09/2014

  1. New * - Support for QuickBooks 2015
  2. New * - Partial Shipments - in beta. Ship partial orders - supported for UPS Online, FedEx Online and Endicia Label Server
  3. Amazon FBA Order download - resolved issue where download stuck if no orders to report
  4. Shipping Rate Compare tool fixed to display accurate rates from FedEx.
  5. Endicia Label Server - no need to enter default dimensions to get rates for Priority Mail Flat rate options
  6. Fixed issue where Packing list template is reset after downloading orders
  7. Inventory update to Volusion - fixed response to update success or failed based on product code
  8. Rakuten (Buy.com) fixed issue for updating tracking
  9. eBay Order download to get Paypal reference number in Transaction ID and post to QuickBooks Payment
  10. Custom field mapping for sold on webstore fixed to map with QuickBooks Desktop

Version 10.464 - 09/04/2014

  1. Improved Amazon FBA Order download speed
  2. Shopify Order download to include Item Properties if available
  3. Improved screen slowness for shipping international orders
  4. Buy.com (Rakuten) fixed issue for Shipment update

Version 10.463 - 08/21/2014

  1. Fixed Amazon Shipping status update intermittent issue.
  2. Amazon FBA Order download fix for quantity more than 1.
  3. Shipping rate compare tool - fixed to take dimension change in calculations.
  4. Buy.com (Rakuten) Order download to default country code for shipping
  5. Ecwid Order download fix
  6. UPS Online Mail Innovations - Endorsement set as 5 as required.
  7. USPS Priority Mail Express with USPS Online Insured option fixed.

Version 10.460 - 07/14/2014

  1. *New* - Compare shipping costs and Save on shipping. One screen to review shipping costs from USPS, FedEx and UPS.
  2. EBay - fix for downloading pending orders.
  3. Amazon FBA Orders download changed to process larger order volumes in batches
  4. Volusion inventory update fix to only send the Product code.
  5. Order screen, menu changes to reorg shipping icons and add new icon for compare shipping costs.
  6. Download eBay Item number in Item description with Orders
  7. Set USPSTracking flag for shipping with Dazzle
  8. Download of Payment date from Volusion

Version 10.459 - 06/18/2014

  1. *New* - Support for SCAN based return label with Endicia Label Server. Generate return labels with endicia and be charged for label only when used by customer.
  2. EBay - fix for Tracking numbers not being updated on eBay
  3. Fix for Shopify getting old orders because the updated timestamp changed by Shopify for system update.
  4. Screen enhancements for Endicia Label Server account setup
  5. Support for Insured amount with Endicia Label Server
  6. Drop ship flag to be update on Order based on custom field in QuickBooks.

Version 10.457 - 05/16/2014

  1. Buy.com (Rakuten) Order download to handle tax from CA and other states correctly
  2. EBay order download fix to handle recent change on eBay not reporting updated time values
  3. Fix for eBay product inventory upload - missing some products
  4. Fix for Amazon shipping status update to handle the case when Amazon throttles the call - to not mark as failed update.
  5. Fix for SCAN form to work on older version of SQL Server
  6. Fix for Ecwid order download having more than 200 orders per page.
  7. Print more than 5 packages with Fedex Online shipping (upto 10 per shipment)

Version 10.455 - 04/29/2014

  1. *New* - Option to set Soft Pack for shipping with endicia
  2. Fedex label printing to set values in Reference, Invoice and PO#
  3. Fix for batch shipping when some orders from batch are deleted before shipping
  4. Ship with Endicia to allow <ELSPOZipCode> - a separate ship from zip code if that is different from the return address on packing lists.
  5. Added Sort type and entry facility for parcel select shipments with Endicia
  6. Fix for updating ebay inventory for variants
  7. Fix to display custom field values on single order search
  8. Signature confirmation as per default settings for endicia

 Version 10.451 - 04/08/2014

  1. Fix for shipping to Puerto rico with ELS
  2. Show Account balance on ELS Shipping screen
  3. CS-Cart new version 4 connection change
  4. UPS Mail Innovations Package ID Set to Order Reference
  5. Stamps.com fix to not send the ship method as Stamps
  6. New Certificate for Connecting to QuickBooks/QuickBooks POS

Version 10.448 - 03/14/2014

  1. *New* - Digital Weighing Scale integration for shipping. Supported scales (Dymo Model M10, Stamps.com Model 510)
  2. *New* - Support for Doc Tab labels with Endicia Label Server.
  3. *New* - Ship method mapping screen to allow mapping of default packages per ship method)
  4. *New* - (Beta) QuickBooks enterprise - Advanced Inventory - update inventory to websites from specific site name in your QuickBooks
  5. FedEx labels - merge labels for multi- order shipping in one batch.
  6. Export Inventory file to Amazon template change
  7. Packing list for amazon to put order number without dashes
  8. Incorrect Billing address for some Shopify Orders
  9. eBay orders to download with PST time as used by eBay in reporting
  10. Import orders to auto set the UPS WS export flag
  11. Shipping for phone order entry screen to allow shipping as taxable line
  12. Buy.com (Rakuten) order download not to add commission amount in sales detail.

Version 10.445 - 02/11/2014

  1. *New* - Define default shipping methods to use based on ship method selected by customer on website
  2. *New* - Create SCAN report for USPS when shipping with Endicia Label Server
  3. *New* - Posting Orders with Group Items to QuickBooks will not record an adjustment line to match Order total from Website
  4. *New* - Option to Build Inventory assembly in QuickBooks after Order is posted to QuickBooks with assembly item.
  5. Amazon - Fix to ignore duplicate settlement reports sent by Amazon
  6. Amazon - Fix for tracking update to Amazon if local computer clock is not accurate
  7. Ecwid - Fix to Download Shipping details for Orders from Ecwid
  8. Record ship time part when shipping with Dazzle
  9. Fixed Inventory update when Manufacturer Part Number is not available and matching items with MPN
  10. Fixed issue where selected ship method gets erased when clicking on multiple shipments
  11. Changed connection to Shopify using new OAuth connection method recommended by Shopify
  12. MIVA - Fixed issue when the Thub url is longer than 100 characters
  13. Set deliveryNotification to false when shipping with Stamps.com
  14. Taking backing of database truncates database log to save disk space
  15. Added Mail Innovations to ship method mapping for UPS WorldShip

Version 10.442 - 12/19/2013

  1. *New* - Inventory update for eBay. Update stock quantity on eBay from QuickBooks/QuickBooks POS
  2. Amazon - shipping status update not  to say failed when status on Amazon is feed not ready.
  3. Shipping cost fix for eBay Global Shipping Program
  4. Download payment methods from Yahoo

Version 10.435 - 11/14/2013

  1. *New* - Address validations for FedEx Shipping. Validate addresses in batch or one at a time
  2. *New* - Dimension management. Define your shipping box sizes once and reuse for shipping without having to enter dimensions
  3. *New* - Integration with Rakuten (Buy.com) - in select Beta. Download Orders and Ship orders from Rakuten (Buy.com)
  4. Significant performance improvement while syncing with QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  5. Fix for batch shipping with FedEx to update the correct shipment with any error condition
  6. Print of USPS International label with Endicia on thermal printer fixed
  7. Fix for Order download from AmeriCommerce to update change in web services from AmeriCommerce.
  8. Append color and size options for order download from eBay
  9. Fix to prevent QuickBooks POS ask permission many times over
  10. Add Customer Ref field in Orders List view.
  11. Improvements to Manual Mark as Shipped screen to add option to set a Shipped on Date and also remember last used Ship method

Version 10.431 - 10/04/2013

  1. *New* - Direct FedEx integration. Print FedEx labels from T-HUB. No need to use the desktop FedEx Ship Manager
  2. *New* - Support for QuickBooks 2014 version
  3. *New* - New Shopping cart InteEgration with MIVA Merchant
  4. *New* - New Shopping cart integration with OpenCart
  5. *New* - Support for eBay Global Shipping program.
  6. Major performance improvement when syncing with QuickBooks or QuickBooks POS
  7. Import shipping methods from Volusion
  8. Timezone adjustment for Order date coming from BigCommerce
  9. Fix to Import tracking from QuickBook
  10. Multi-select orders in Ship with dazzle screen to update check box attribute on multiple orders
  11. Update to T-HUB monitor service not to open multiple times.
  12. Object reference error for shipping with Endicia Label Server - fixed
  13. Fixed Reprint for stamps.com
  14. Customer Type in QuickBooks can be set from custom field

Version 10.428 - 08/08/2013

  1. Update to T-HUB Automator to add a self monitor service and restart if stopped.
  2. USPS Service name changes Express mail to Priority Express Mail
  3. Endicia Dazzle - Consolidator Label
  4. Endicia Dazzle - Remove Parcel Post
  5. Update Tracking to ECWID shopping cart
  6. Custom value fields add to Print Packing list for HTML Template
  7. Convert to PDF format and Show for ELS International Orders
  8. Parcel select - gets changed to do not post when shipping with dazzle
  9. Order number for phone orders is not correct going into QuickBooks.
  10. Order download issue if phone order number matches website order number
  11. Load Volusion shipping codes
  12. BigCommerce product download with over 50 Options
  13. Speed up loading items from QuickBooks to T-HUB mapping screen
  14. Order date adjusted for timezone for Bigcommerce
  15. Regional Rate Box C added
  16. Customer Search from QuickBooks POS when entering phone orders
  17. Added parcel select in stamps.com
  18. Set Product Description field when adding products to Volusion

Version 10.425 - 03/25/2013

  1. Option to set the Customer Tax code as Tax or Non for Taxable and Non-Taxable sales for QuickBooks Pro/Premeir/Enterprise
  2. Item Options import from Magento GO
  3. Hide postage option for Endicia label server
  4. Tracking update to Magento GO to send email to customer
  5. Fix for USPS tracking import from QuickBooks.
  6. Download comments data from NetworkSolutions order
  7. Fix for vendor sync with QuickBooks online.
  8. Non-admin user in T-HUB not to see order totals on orders page
  9. Fix for digital item download from Bigcommerce
  10. UPS Online fix for invalid dimension issue
  11. Get card type as payment method from Network solutions
  12. Fix for Inventory updates on Bigcommerce
  13. Ebay order download fix for variation SKU
  14. Avoid duplicate order download if order number prefix changed.
  15. Subtotal line to be below items and then post discount and shipping lines
  16. ToBe emailed flag set for Sales Order in QuickBooks if enabled
  17. If customer last name missing then use the first name as last name when sending orders to QuickBooks POS
  18. Fix for downloading orders not to reset thank you note in packing list

Version 10.424 - 02/22/2013

  1. Order download from ebay to allow SKU for variant type listings
  2. eBay order download fix if some page from eBay does not have transactions
  3. Fixed issue with test label printing for Stamps.com
  4. Customer Tax code to be set in QuickBooks transaction only if tax to be recorded at the bottom of the QuickBooks transaction.
  5. Card type as Payment method when downloading orders from Network Solutions
  6. Fix for default dimension changes when printing label with UPS Online
  7. Fix to avoid same order downloaded from website if Prefix added to order number on download
  8. Fix for Inventory update for BigCommerce when another site enabled like Amazon.

Version 10.423 - 02/06/2013

  1. New SQL Server 2012 database for T-HUB
  2. Amazon order download changes to allow download of Pending Orders
  3. Multiple users on a computer can now open T-HUB
  4. EBay order download fixed issue when buyer name not available sometimes
  5. Fix for Stamps.com when no shipping phone number available
  6. UPS Online to show negotiated rates if activated for your UPS Online account
  7. Download of order custom fields from Volusion
  8. Fix for applying T-HUB update as non-sa user of the database
  9. Negative quantity from QuickBooks to be updated as 0 on Volusion
  10. Reprint of Stamps.com labels from T-HUB
  11. Fix for marking orders to ship with UPS WorldShip
  12. Multi-page packing list to have column headers on all pages
  13. Moved sub-total line in QuickBooks invoice to account for discount and tax
  14. Shopify order download issue fixed when shipping address is empty
  15. Shipping carrier name to update on online channels as USPS instead of ELS or Stamps.
  16. Fix for fetching payment methods for yahoo orders
  17. Advanced order search to display order prefix if available
  18. Fix for order download from 3dcart
  19. Item Option names to display in downloaded orders from Magento Go
  20. Hide postage option for Endicia label server fixed
  21. Enhancements to pull tracking from QuickBooks sales orders
  22. Fix for loading orders from QuickBooks with tracking information
  23. Order download from Network Solutions to download more comment data
  24. Order download from BigCommerce to work for orders with digital products
  25. Address validation with UPS Online not to update the ZIp zode if valid.

Version 10.421 - 11/08/2012

  1. *New* - Option to set the UOM for items in transaction when posting to QuickBooks
  2. Reprint label for Stamps.com
  3. Display computer name and database when connection to database fails
  4. Save backups to network drive
  5. Sequence of orders in packing list and when sending to Endicia dazzle
  6. Order download from Network Solutions to download weight and options
  7. Resolved exception when setting item mappings for QuickBooks POS
  8. Record order discount for FBA orders from Amazon
  9. Authorize.Net connection label change to match the document
  10. Order download from website with same number as a phone order
  11. Amazon Inventory feed to be skipped if no longer available on amazon.
  12. Ship to phone number not saved correctly - fixed
  13. Item category in T-HUB to match that in QuickBooks POS - fixed.
  14. Price update on Channel Advisor via automator - fixed
  15. QuickBooks POS available quantity calculation fix for multi-store in POS
  16. Fix for sending tracking to QuickBooks Enterprise.
  17. Update size of state field for UPS Online registration
  18. Test connection to Endicia Label Server to show message.
  19. Weight display for international orders in Stamps.
  20. Fix for Print labels with Endicia Label Server with decimal in quantity

version 10.419 - 10/05/2012

  1. *New* - Support for QuickBooks US 2013
  2. *New* - Endicia Dazzle support for Regional Rate Box C
  3. *New* - Magento Go Supported for Inventory update online from QuickBooks/QuickBooks POS
  4. Americommerce order download fixed for payment method error
  5. Sales tax to be displayed on packing list if option to display price selected
  6. Ship method download for CS Cart
  7. Inventory update fix for Americommerce.
  8. Fedex ship manager profile to save user login
  9. Signature confirmation for Endicia Label Server default setting
  10. Inventory update to Network solutions not to change item name
  11. Order download from Web Shop Manager to separate first and last names.

Version 10.418 - 09/12/2012

  1.  *New* - Integrated Shipping label with packing list without price on packing list
  2. *New* - Signature Confirmation for Endicia Label Service
  3. *New* - Network solutions inventory update for products with variants
  4. Packing list printed status to be updated when you search for an order and print packing list
  5. Purge and delete very old application log backup files
  6. Log entries not to show more useful data
  7. Convert weight into Lbs and Oz for shipping with Endicia
  8. Sync  the sequence of packing list and shipping labels printed
  9. Endicia labels for Amazon order issue fixed for large order number
  10. Application Configuration option (to do full sync with QuickBooks before inventory update) not to get reset on application restart
  11. BigCommerce shipping status update issue fixed
  12. ChannelAdvisor ship status update fixed for spaces in ship method
  13. Network Solutions order download to save the last order download date so as to start there next download.
  14. Fix for date sort error on Product upload screen
  15. Payment reference to be printed in packing list only if option to print price is selected
  16. Print address line 2 in Endicia labels
  17. Web Shop Manager to download Item Code with Orders instead of Product ID
  18. Automator inventory update module enhanced for batch uploads
  19. QuickBooks POS sync module process updated to handle scenarios where connection with QuickBooks POS can break mid way. T-HUB to restart where it left off on next sync. 

Version 10.417 - 08/17/2012

  1. *New* - Automator Activity viewer to show current Automator activity
  2. *New* - Support for UPS Mail Innovations through UPS WorldShip
  3. *New* - Easy highlight of duplicate item mappings
  4. Update for Magento Go new API changes
  5. Save of Customer type in phone order entry
  6. Customer column display reset view fixed
  7. Orders page - custom view display and date based views fixed
  8. Volusion order download fix for non - US date settings fixed
  9. Search for SKU on product upload screen - Show Products
  10. Set PO Number to memo in QuickBooks Online
  11. Yahoo order download to set country code correctly
  12. Posting to QuickBooks fixed for case when vendor name in QuickBooks has apostrophe character.
  13. BigCommerce Inventory update for products with Options fixed
  14. UPS ONline tracking update to Channel Advisor fixed
  15. Phone order entry to save tax name and discount name.
  16. Fix for Amazon FBA product update - Not to update quantity on Amazon for FBA products.

Version 10.416 - 07/31/2012
  1. *New* - Order processing screen now shows Item count and Item purchased in the list view as separate columns so you can easily view what products were purchased in order without having to select each order.
  2. *New* - Phone order entry screen to allow search of customers from QuickBooks and from T-HUB (from Orders previously downloaded into T-HUB).
  3. *New* - UPS Online registration process to support the new Invoice based registration for negotiated rates display.
  4. *New* - New option for updating inventory on website to consider whether there are orders in T-HUB which are not yet posted to QuickBooks. So if an item has stock of 10 in QuickBooks and there is an order still sitting in T-HUB with quantity 1 of the same product, then with this option enabled, T-HUB will send stock of 9 to website.
  5. *New* - Tracking update to Shopify to trigger email notification to customer.
  6. Remove special non-printable characters when downloading orders from Amazon
  7. Option to send jpg label to thermal printer
  8. Send packing list summary to excel updated.
  9. Updated new signup url for QuickBooks QuickBooks Merchant Service registration process.
  10. Delivery confirmation default for Endicia set for multiple orders.
  11. Card type download for Americommerce
  12. Order download from ecwid cart updated.
  13. Option to set Order number as Job in QuickBooks corrected
  14. SDK Version update for QuickBooks UK 2012 and QuickBooks canada 2012
  15. Update for Shopify to be able to download large number of products
  16. Packing list to print even if logo file assigned is not  found
  17. Click on Setup store preferences not opening the screen for QuickBooks Online - issue corrected
  18. Order download from Volusion putting a dash at the end of product description - fixed
  19. Order download from Authorize.Net to use TransactionId as OrderNumber if InvoiceNumber is not found.

Version 10.415 - 07/10/2012

  1. *New* - Support for QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 version
  2. *New* - Support for Web Shop Manager shopping cart.
  3. *New* - Support for Network Solutions shopping cart
  4. *New* - Inventory update to Amazon, now downloads products from Amazon and then only updates the products listed on Amazon. Avoids update of FBA items.
  5. *New* - Inventory update to online channels to consider items on order that are not yet posted to QuickBooks/QuickBooks POS. 
  6. *New* - Inventory update on BigCommerce  (Products with or without variants) from QuickBooks /QuickBooks POS
  7. *New* - Inventory update on Shopify (Products with or without variants) from QuickBooks /QuickBooks POS
  8. Fixed issue with printing test labels with endicia label server
  9. Volusion url parsing. Now you can enter full API url for volusion in T-HUB and it will parse the url, login, encrypted password and filter condition.
  10. Easy way to test volusion connection via browser.
  11. Defaults for Endicia dazzle like signature confirmation was not being applied for some shipments - fixed
  12. Packing lists to print names with first letter in word capitalized
  13. Home page better screen resolution
  14. Fixed error for connecting to shopify over https and http connection
  15. Order download from BigCommerce to allow tax name to be set in T-HUB
  16. Fixed issue with downloading large number of Yahoo orders.
  17. Custom price update from QuickBooks POS via Automator - fixed
  18. Check add  transaction not to update customs fields data in orders
  19. Shipping from Order details screen not to update address fields when shipping with UPS Online or Endicia
  20. Hide email address for amazon on packing list
  21. Send packing list summary to text file report - fixed
  22. Packing list for phone orders - fixed.
  23. Ecwid order download fixed when customer reference is blank
  24. Set weight in Lbs and Oz on Endicia screen instead of just in Oz - for better readability.
  25. Uploading tracking from dazzle to get date and time of shipping. 

Version 10.406 - 04/18/2012

  1. *New* -  Support for Shopify shopping cart
  2. *New* -  UPS Ready Certification. Print UPS Labels from within T-HUB interface. No need for UPS WorldShip
  3. *New* -  Endicia Label Server integration. Print USPS shipping labels from within T-HUB interface using Endicia Label Server.
  4. *New* -  Print shipping label and packing list one one page with Integrated peel-out shipping label sheets. Peel out the label, stick it on the box and put the packing list inside the box. Supported for UPS and Endicia Label Server. Purchase label sheets from here
  5. *New* -  Integration with UniformMarket shopping cart platform
  6. *New* -  Update Custom fields in QuickBooks transactions (in T-HUB advanced edition)
  7. *New* -  Update Site name in QuickBooks Enterpise with Advanced inventory (in T-HUB advanced edition)
  8. Enhanced Packing list reports available in Store Preferences > Shipping
  9. Enhancements to Amazon settlement file download and posting to QuickBooks. Add a Reconciliation tab to help match the numbers from Amazon and QuickBooks.
  10. Update to connect with multiple QuickBooks company files per online channel.
  11. Set web order number in label from Stamps.com
  12. Display of order custom fields in all views for the orders
  13. Fix for BigCommerce order download.
  14. Hanlde special characters in item description while download orders from Amazon
  15. Order download from Authorize.net to handle non credit card orders (payment by echeck)
  16. Handle UPS Worldwide save as shipping method from UPS WorldShip
  17. Inventory update to Channel Advisor can select which price field to update on Channel Advisor from QuickBooks
  18. Template names list to refresh in Store settings for QuickBooks
  19. Handle invalid file naming issue while loading item mapping file into T-HUB
  20. QuickBooks POS posting orders with option to post payment as "On Account"
  21. Importing tracking from QuickBooks to load 1st tracking if multiple tracking in QuickBooks
  22. Fix for International tracking import from Endicia DAZZle
  23. Volusion order import, handle situation where Paid amount is different from Invoice Amount
  24. Product add to Magento to be able to select a Default Category under which the product category to be created.
  25. Hide postage option for stamps.com fixed
  26. Option to set whether to do full inventory read from QuickBooks or changed inventory read from QuickBooks before sending updates to Online channels. Option in File > Applicaton settings.
  27. Sales Rep save in Store preferences.
  28. Volusion order download fixed to read large number of product option settings
  29. Shipping method chaning to upper case when posting to QuickBooks fixed
  30. Option to record different dates for receive payment transaction in QuickBooks
  31. Americommerce inventory update for product options fixed
  32. Stamps.com fix for Puerto Rico
  33. Read customer comments on order download from eBay
  34. New shipping options for Stamps.com like USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail Padded Envelope
  35. Handling throttling errors from Amazon when uploading large inventory update feeds
  36. Option to set Fulfillment latency while updating invenotry stock on Amazon
  37. Skip addding receive payment in QuickBooks if amount due is 0. Sample orders where discount used to cancel item price.
  38. Product upload screen to allow search for products with status "partial publish"
  39. Orders processing screen option added to set complete status to On or Off for selected products
  40. Use of company name for the case when using Standard customer ro record transactions to QuickBooks
  41. Packing list printed status displayed on Orders screen.
  42. Option to add new product to volusion
  43. Ability to change insurance amount for stamps.com
  44. Virtuemart option to append option codes in order download
  45. Prompt for new customer when using Company name as customer name setting
  46. Total postage cost display for stamps.com to include add-ons cost
  47. Added OrderId in packing list
  48. Order import from csv file to set order totals
  49. Other charge posting to QuickBooks POS
  50. Fix to not change weight of items when charging orders
  51. Automator settings reset on editing store information
  52. Read tracking from Sales Order in QuickBooks POS
  53. QuickBooks merchant service reconciliation data postng to QuickBooks
  54. Posting of orders with Item groups to QuickBooks fixed
  55. Fix for No insurance setting for Endicia Dazzle

Version 10.394 - 01/23/2012

  1. Support for Ecwid shopping cart
  2. Separate status to show whether packing list printed for an order
  3. Amazon inventory update to specify default latency period
  4. Skip adding payments to QuickBooks for $0 (free sample orders)
  5. Fix for Zip code too long when posting to QuickBooks POS
  6. Option to unset Order complete status
  7. Option to use company name as customer name in QuickBooks while using one standard customer name
  8. Use payment date from website as the date for recording receive payment in QuickBooks
  9. Reset items link to QuickBooks when switching a QuickBooks company file
  10. Channel ID to be displayed in edit stores screen
  11. Fix for eBay tracking update
  12. Ability to specify insurance amount for stamps.com
  13. Download and display gift message from AmeriCommerce.
  14. Volusion Order download fix for gift message
  15. Prompt for customer creation in QuickBooks if using company  name
  16. Prevent user from clicking post to QuickBooks button twice very quickly
  17. Enable option to append option codes for downloading orders from Virtuemart
  18. Posting Other Charge to QuickBooks POS.
  19. Fix for posting QuickBooks Merchant Services reconciliation data into QuickBooks
  20. Update the Ship date in QuickBooks invoice if Ship date sent from website

Version 10.383 - 10/20/2011

  1. Support for QuickBooks 2012/QuickBooks POS 11
  2. Ability to define shipping method defaults for Endicia based on Order total amount or total weight
  3. BigCommerce support to update tracking to website
  4. Amazon settlement report enhancement to allow posting all fee in ONE check transaction in QuickBooks
  5. Fixed error in loading item mapping csv file
  6. Read final value fee on shipping from eBay
  7. Inventory update fix for AmeriCommerce
  8. Print Bin location in packing list detail report
  9. Order Csv file import checks for list of fields names and reports error if file not in expected format
  10. Prompt for creating new customers to prompt when company name used as unique customer in QuickBooks
  11. If some items in POS is updated with future date then the inventory update stops working - fixed
  12. Issue fixed where all items on order were not visible in orders list view
  13. Print payment method on packing list
  14. Import tracking from QuickBooks Sales Order if tracking saved as a line description
  15. Tax as line item posting to QuickBooks POS fixed when matching field is ALU or UPC
  16. Shipping status update to Channel Advisor
  17. Configuration file to define fields in Orders csv file
  18. Download of shipdate from volusion
  19. Download of gift certificate from 3dcart
  20. Memo in Purchase Order to record sales order number
  21. Fix for eBay download orders setting Other charge when eBay orders are spread over different pages
  22. Total weight shown on order processing screen fixed to add item weights for multi item order
  23. Duplication of items in phone order screen - fixed

Version 10.377 - 09/14/2011

  1. Website customer ref field added in preference for creating customer in QuickBooks
  2. Multiple pages on Order list screen to speed up screen load (All orders views only)
  3. Support for multiple QuickBooks company file in one installation
  4. Print payment method on packing list
  5. Ability to cancel order download
  6. Error on computer start if automator was left enabled and switched to standard edition.
  7. QuickBooks POS Tax posting as line item fix if matching field is not item number.
  8. Delete of orders in T-HUB to delete shipping data.
  9. Automator settings to be changable only from automator screen - view only in main application.
  10. Delete of orders from All orders view not to bring completed orders in view.
  11. Multiple site order download fix if one site has no orders to download
  12. Fix for Stamps.com for field length of describe field
  13. Volusion order download fix to get specific cc Transaction ID
  14. Volusion - download ship date for orders if available
  15. Fix for amazon order download if one order in file has non-printable characters
  16. Display proper error message when loading item mappings from file
  17. Record final value fee on shipping if applicable
  18. AmeriCommerce - group item upload shows failed message for whole group if one item in group fails update
  19. Added bin location to packing list for order
  20. Added checks for loading CSV order file if any errors
  21. Prompt for customer adding when new customer in QuickBooks fixed to prompt when company used as customer name
  22. Fixed Inventory update to ignore items updated in QuickBooks with a future date is local system clock changed to future
  23. Not to set value while printing with endicia dazzle if insurance is set to None

Version 10.374 - 08/12/2011

  1. Incorrect updation of shipping carrier update FedEx/UPS fixed
  2. Valid Certificate added for the THUB automator module

Version 10.373 - 08/09/2011

  1. Shipping date with post marked to update shipping date as current date
  2. 2 Character country code mapping for Stamps.com
  3. Date fix for importing from csv order file
  4. Default catch item for QuickBooks Enterprise not working - fixed
  5. Save item mappings changed to save and read from csv file instead of excel file
  6. Connection test fix for Amazon FBA orders
  7. Custom field 3 added to customer naming scheme
  8. Payment applied to invoices in one scenario - updated
  9. Application not starting if Verdana font missing on system
  10. Reconciliation details added for QuickBooks Merchant Services payment posting
  11. Stamps.com change to item list for customs - to be saved and used in label
  12. Problem in adding item mapping resolved
  13. Americommerce order downlod fix for address and card expiration year
  14. 3dCart Customer Type download
  15. Automator not updating bulk items - key already exist error resolved
  16. Support for QuickBooks Online edition
  17. Sending tracking from QuickBooks to website look for additional tags
  18. Custom cart test store connection failure - fixed
  19. Purchase Order numbering issue fixed
  20. Allow order custom fields to be displayed on Orders list - ebay user id etc.
  21. Tracking export from Fedex setting carrier as UPS - fixed
  22. Import of Misc charges from eBay
  23. Posting tracking to QuickBooks with # separator
  24. Auto ship status for UPS and Fedex on order download
  25. Posting to QuickBooks issue with null weight values fixed
  26. Volusion order download issue fixed
  27. Order by posting status New folder display issue fixed

Version 10.364 - 06/20/2011

  1. New service type Flat rate padded envelope added to Endicia Dazzle
  2. Fix for preferred vendor in QuickBooks having special character.
  3. Discount and shipping line items sequence fixed when subtotal is added.
  4. Support for loading refund transactions from Authorize.Net
  5. Trial copy of T-HUB will not send to QuickBooks orders more than 30 days old
  6. Read custom field from QuickBooks called TrackingNumber
  7. Option for Payment reference and memo field numbering in QuickBooks
  8. Support for fraction quantity from Order csv file
  9. Priority international medium box option  added for Endicia dazzle
  10. Option to set Class at item level in QuickBooks.
  11. Item mapping screen when invoked from order posting, to show item description from website
  12. Total Shipping cost from UPS for preferred accounts
  13. Improved speed for sending tracking to QuickBooks.
  14. Fix for showing parcel post option in stamps.com.Fix for setting payment method in Payment transaction in QuickBooks based on mapping.
  15. PartnerId added for endicia dazzle.
  16. Search by ALU for QuickBooks POS.
  17. Support for AmeriCommerce.
  18. Support for Magento Go.
  19. Support for Americart.
  20. Support for WebJaguar.
  21. Fix for Amazon order download failing for special character in tab delim file
  22. Download Customer Type in from 3dCart
  23. Fix for media mail and express mail label printing for stamps.com
  24. Fix for Americommerce not to download declined orders

Version 10.347 - 03/04/2011

  1. Amazon fee download and posting to QuickBooks as Checks
  2. Integration with Authorize.Net as Order source
  3. Dazzle customs weight to support over 100 Oz.
  4. Product Add for AspDotNetStorefront to set Product Type and In Sale Prompt
  5. Fixed issue with Fee for eBay orders with multiple items.
  6. Available quantity incorrect from QuickBooks items with parent items
  7. Amazon FBA Orders to have to option to record gift and shipping chanrges for all orders
  8. Updating Tracking information to ChannelAdvisor
  9. New shipment types added for endicia Regional Rate A and Regional Rate B
  10. BigCommerce and Interspire test store connection showing failed even if connection successful
  11. Custom field in orders download to be decoded
  12. Reprint of stamps.com label
  13. Customize colums to display in orders list ShipTo Name, company and state.
  14. Payment mapping screen to have blank entry to unmap something already mapped once
  15. Fixed problem in amazon default fee calculation
  16. Option to store folder names for dazzle layouts.
  17. Advanced order search form Drop ship check box column in order item is hidden if description is long
  18. Set customer phone and email as custom field in QuickBooks if set in preferences
  19. Post Other charges to QuickBooks POS
  20. Currency code to be specified in customer if currency enabled in QuickBooks
  21. Posting orders via automator not posting comments to QuickBooks POS.
  22. Set eBay buyer id as Order custom field 2
  23. Allow use of order custom fields as class in posting orders to QuickBooks.
  24. If Customer Add fails in QuickBooks, show error message related to customer add fail and not the transaction fail response
  25. Set customer Tax code for taxable and non taxable sales in QuickBooks.
  26. Endicia support for dimensions
  27. Change of customer type in Order details was not getting saved
  28. Email notification settings for stamps.com
  29. QuickBooks company file prompt if user opens a file which is different from the one setup in T-HUB
  30. Convert State names to State codes
  31. Volusion shipping method mapping between volusion shipping method ID and ship method names in QuickBooks.
  32. Weight from QuickBooks custom field to be read in Lb or Oz based on store setting.
  33. Inventory update for Channel Advisor
  34. Test print on dazzle not to update shipped status.
  35. weight from QuickBooks to be imported into Order details.
  36. Individual customers being created in QuickBooks.
  37. Option to record tracking as a line item in QuickBooks.
  38. Update Other field in QuickBooks with internal THUB OrderID.
  39. Item options to be displayed for order import from Yahoo.
  40. Check number field in QuickBooks POS to be set to 25 characters for sync with QuickBooks.
  41. Item sync with QuickBooks load issue with decimal quantity

Version 10.319 - 11/18/2010

  1. Support for BigCommerce shopping cart
  2. Support for Interspire shopping cart
  3. 3dCart prevent download of cancelled orders
  4. 3dCart update for Shipped orders
  5. Volusion Ship method mapping to allow mapping Shipping ID from Volusion to free text in THUB
  6. Backup Application config file for use in Application restore
  7. Weight from QuickBooks custom field to support Lb and Oz.
  8. Implemented email notification for Stamps.com
  9. Fixed International label pdf for stamps.com
  10. Fixed Test label printing for stamps.com
  11. Set Prompt="Yes" for Endicia Dazzle
  12. Support Dimensions for printing to Endicia Dazzle
  13. Set Customer Tax code to Tax or Non for posting orders to QuickBooks
  14. Report error in customer add to QuickBooks to user and not to proceed with transaction add if customer add fails
  15. Map order custom fields to Class in QuickBooks.
  16. Save eBay Buyer ID as custom field in T-HUB
  17. Fixed issue of Automator not setting comments in THUB
  18. Set Currency code for customers in QuickBooks if currency selected as option
  19. Post other charges to QuickBooks POS (create an item in QuickBooks POS with ALU = Other Charges)
  20. Set Customer Phone/Email in QuickBooks transaction to custom fields in QuickBooks
  21. Advanced Order search form to search by date, email, status, store and other parameters
  22. Define custom views in Orders list screen
  23. Folders for DAZZle to look for layouts
  24. Option for default fee calculation for Amazon
  25. Payment mapping screen - allow blank payment status to unmap
  26. More columns added as options for Orders list view
  27. Fixed reprint of Stamps.com labels
  28. Fixed Test label generation for stamps.com
  29. Custom field values sent from custom sites - enabled for decoding option
  30. Remove separators from phone numbers sent to UPS/FedEx
  31. Set web order number in QuickBooks PO Memo field for reference
  32. QuickBooks Merchant Service Card Capture - for GoDaddy Shopping cart
  33. Channel Advisore Inventory update to send the correct SKU value
  34. Channel Advisor - Order download to set the order sale source (eBay, Amazon, Buy.com etc.) as a custom field. Can use this custom field as a class in sending orders to QuickBooks.
  35. Application Config file backups for use in application restore.
  36. Order import from CSV file to use the weight type parameter LBS or Oz.
  37. Send custom field value as Customer name in QuickBooks if preferences set to have one standard customer. Set Standard customer name in Store Preferences as <CustomField1>, <CustomField2> etc.
  38. Automator to start automatically on computer restart.

Version 10.299 - 10/04/2010

  1. Support for QuickBooks US edition 2011
  2. Support for QuickBooks POS 10
  3. Support for QuickBooks UK Edition 2010
  4. Item totals round to 4 decimals.
  5. Amazon store additional details save not working some times - fixed
  6. Rest QuickBooks Posting for multiple orders to show confirmation prompt only once for all orders.
  7. One save button on Store preferences screen for better user experience
  8. Order download from multiple stores did not work if 1st store did not have new orders.
  9. Posting adhoc refunds from AspDotNetStorefront as Credit Memos in QuickBooks
  10. Fix for error in test store connection

Version 10.293 - 09/14/2010

  1. Scroll bar when printing lot of orders to Endicia Dazzle
  2. Show website payment method and ship method on order details screen
  3. Price update on Infopia to update only the Store Price and not the Auction start price
  4. Fix to show Customer first name and last name on All Order list view
  5. Some order item details not loaded from website for x-cart - fixed
  6. Tracking and shipping status update to 3dCart fixed to support new API changes from 3dCart
  7. AR Name set None in Other settings should set a blank AR account in QuickBooks.
  8. Packing list to show Thank you message at the bottom, merchant phone and email address.
  9. Sent order number to Authorize.Net for charging credit card from T-HUB
  10. Set card type based on 1 character of card number if available
  11. Stamps.com show user friendly message if merchant address not entered in T-HUB
  12. When submiting a charge to Authorize.Net card type should be optional
  13. Allow charging multiple orders in T-HUB through Authorize.Net
  14. Automator to pick only changed items for updating the website inventory
  15. Option to Add package weight to all shipments
  16. Set discount name for orders coming from Volusion
  17. Ability to map ship method ID's from volusion to ship carrier shipping service names\
  18. Weight for items mapped to a different item to be loaded during order download

Version 10.280 - 07/23/2010

  1. Product Mapping save & close fix while posting orders
  2. Update inventory change for Shopsite to us htaccess security
  3. Ship Via field to info imported from QuickBooksfor tracking
  4. Orders marked complete to be checked while Posting, Shipping and Update Tracking number for Orders
  5. Option to use a standard customer for all orders in POS
  6. Other Charges being shown for Amazon orders with multiple lines and tax
  7. Discount not showing for some Amazon orders
  8. Packing list summary report - Items tab - grouping similar items
  9. Map Items for QuickBooks POS saving fixed.
  10. Ship Method not imported while downloading some eBay orders

Version 10.267 - 06/07/2010

  1. Set Class in Purchase Orders posted to QuickBooks
  2. Set web order number in the VdendorMsg field in PO in QuickBooks.
  3. Allow decimals for dimensions in product upload screen
  4. Message "Item out of stock in QuickBooks" not displayed for non-inventory, service items
  5. Payment date in QuickBooks to be set as the order date going to QuickBooks.
  6. eBay orders with multiple transactions fix for items duplicate in some cases.
  7. Packing list summary to display Bin Location form QuickBooks custom field
  8. HtAccess security login/password issue fixed for inventory update
  9. Log settings saved
  10. T-HUB database auto backup on close option
  11. Discount name from QuickBooks to allow sub-item.
  12. Web order number saved as VendorMsg in Purchase Orders in QuickBooks.
  13. Fixed creating payment transaction in QuickBooks when multiple AR accounts present.
  14. Use mapped ship method for Dazzle as default
  15. Automator first run resetting sold on webstore flag for all items - fixed
  16. Prompt shown when running first report to install crystal reports runtime engine if not already installed
  17. Option to save website discount name as a discount name in QuickBooks  or as description for default description name
  18. CC Email address to be set in UPS WorldShip if activated in T-HUB Prefs
  19. Combine multiple items in FBA order report as one order
  20. Use Generic customer name in QuickBooks  if unique name customer constructed for QuickBooks  is empty string.
  21. PO numbering in QuickBooks  to allow option to use the InvoiceNumber created in QuickBooks .
  22. New menu item added under QuickBooks settings to do Full Sync with QuickBooks
  23. Yahoo order download via the API should not ask for login/pasword
  24. Application installer default database option to  create NEW database
  25. Improvements in DB upgrade process.
  26. Fixed issue with customs value in DAZZle for orders with multiple quantity item
  27. Update for Channel Advisor API update
  28. Option to add subtotal line in Orders posted to QuickBooks .
  29. Record discount line in QuickBooks  before shipping for accurate tax calculation.
  30. Tracking import file from external applications to use _ separator in field named as UPS does not allow - (dash character)
  31. Fix issue with Credit card charging on Yahoo stores
  32. Payment status in T-HUB not to be updated to pending from website if set to Cleared already.
  33. Support for GoDaddy QuickShopping cart
  34. Htaccess login password sent incorrectly to inventory update issue fixed.
  35. Packing list layout improved to allow more space for line item descriptions.
  36. Default payment type set as PayPal for Yahoo stores
  37. ShipMethod mapping to be checked before setting ShipVia in QuickBooks.
  38. Improved performance speed for posting orders to QuickBooks
  39. Remove extra "Comment=" tag in memo field in QuickBooks
  40. Option to set Job name in QuickBooks  as the web order number

Version 10.248 - 05/05/2010

1. Order number and comments in memo field

2. Export upto 30 lines to international customs forms in endicia dazzle

4. Phone order screen Item search on SKU fixed

5. Channel Advisor order download to get only payment cleared orders

6. Option to set Expense type account for creating non-inventory/service items in QuickBooks

7. THUBDBSERVER autostart on local T-HUB computer if the server is not started automatically.

8. Item not found issue when posting to QuickBooks (QuickBooks FS) - incorrect SKU in database

9. Remove spaces while saving Amazon token string connection details in T-HUB

10.Allow delete of line item in Order details screen

11. Assign correct price in line item in order after item search

Version 10.244  - 04/28/2010

1. Amazon store test connection button error fixed

2. Dazzle Customs Setup change - added option for itemized customs forms

3. Special character decoding of ebay order details

4. Added a new service name "Priority Mail International Small flat rate box"

5. Fixed incorrect shipping charge value for multiple line items orders - for Amazon

6. Added a new field in Web Store settings screen "Order download start date" for Magento store

7. Yahoo order download to make multiple calls to yahoo to donload orders untill all orders completed

8. Set the Other property with email if the option Standard customer is selected in store preference while Posting orders to QuickBooks Enterpise

9. Set billing address same as shipping address if billing address not available

10. Order start date for FBA as reporting-date returned from Amazon

11. Ignore shipping charge for FBA orders

12. Amazon - Merchant fulfilled order download speed improved by using order start date in call to amazon

13. Improved speed of posting tracking to QuickBooks, increased load time of process Order screen.

14. Packing list fixed to make order number bar code readable.

Version 10.241  - 04/21/2010

1. Custom field mapping between QuickBooks and T-HUB

2. Packing list summary report to display items ordered across selected orders

3. All order fields to be available in Endicia dazzle layout design

4. Orders from eBay to use SalesRecordNumber as Order number

5. Check box to select orders in Process Order screen

6. Option to customize Process orders view - list of columns to view and column widths.

7. Option to set Promo code in Posting preferences to QuickBooks POS.

8. Amazon FBA Integration and integration with mws.amazon.com

9. Shipping charge set correctly for amazon orders with more than one items

10. Yahoo order download to continue loop until all new orders are downloaded

11. Added Contents type Merchandise to Stamps.com

12. Added International priority small flat rate box to Endicia DAZzle

13. Option in Endicia DAzzle to list all items in Customs form for international shipping.

14. Updated Store Sync settings tab in Add/edit store screen to match with Automator options.

15. Inventory update screen search to include additional search options and query QuickBooks inventory before search.

16. Option to use ItemName (Description1) from POS to match items between POS and website SKU.

17. When posting orders to QuickBooks and using one standard customer, set the Transaction Other field as the email address

18. Shipping status update for multiple orders in a batch to eBay fixed.

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