Connect to Amazon Seller Central from T-HUB (Desktop)

Connect to Amazon Seller Central from T-HUB (Desktop)

Connect to Amazon Seller Central from T-HUB (Desktop)

#1. Open T-HUB Application and click on the “Add Online Store” icon under Online Stores tab.

If you are updating existing store connection, then click on Web Stores menu > My Web Store then select the Amazon store and click on Edit Store

#2.  Select Amazon as Store type (shopping cart) list and then click on Additional Detail

#3.  Click on the Signin button

Amazon connection Signin

You are shown the Amazon login page. Please enter the amazon account owner login and password.

On the screen below, click on the check box and click on "confirm" button

Now click on the Get Token button in T-HUB. You should see the SellerD and Refresh Token updated.

Amazon connection Get Token

This completes the connection process. Click on OK then update and close

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