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Moving T-Hub to a New Computer

If you are trying to move the main T-Hub database to a new computer from an old computer, here are some tips in doing so.

NOTE: if you are only moving a workstation T-Hub installation, then you will not need to do the below steps. Simply uninstall T-Hub from the old computer and reinstall T-Hub on the new computer. When connecting to the T-Hub main database, use the "REMOTE" option in the installation wizard.

First make sure you have Updated T-Hub to the latest version.

1. You will need to create a back-up of your current T-Hub database, and then transfer the file to your new computer. File(dropdown menu) Database>Backup Current Database. The file will be in the C:\Atandra\T-HUB10\T-HUB DB Backup location. Create a back up when you are ready to move by going to File\Database\Backup Current Database. Copy the T-Hub .bak file to a flash drive.

2. Go to Help/Manage License info and copy your license code somewhere.
3. Uninstall T-Hub from this computer.
4. Use this link to install a install T-hub on the new computer.

5. You want to create a new instance of T-Hub database as if it were a fresh install.

6. After installing T-Hub and launching it successful, you will need to create a back-up of your new current T-Hub database. File(dropdown menu) Database>Backup Current Database. will create the T-Hub backup folder on your new computer in the C:\Atandra\T-HUB10\T-HUB DB Backup location. (NOTE: You may have to create a "T-Hub DB Backup" folder in the C:\Atandra\T-HUB10\ folder since it will not be created on first instance) 

7. Plug the flash drive in and copy the T-Hub .bak file to the new computer's  C:\Atandra\T-HUB10\T-HUB DB Backup folder.

8. In T-Hub on the new computer, go to File/Database/Restore Database. Locate the file and restore it.

9. Close T-Hub and use the latest update again.

10. Connect to your QuickBooks File. See article


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