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Are you getting the Best Possible rates from the US Postal Service

Check the label you print for US Postal. If it shows CommercialBasePrice then you are NOT getting the best possible USPS rates.

USPS Label with Commercial Base Pricing


Through T-HUB, you can get lower rates (lower than CPP). In other words you can have access to the lower rates from the US Postal service WITHOUT the shipping volume commitment of 30,000 packages per year.


We get this via a unique program called New Blue Shipping, in partnership with Parcel Partners and Endicia.

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If your USPS labels show Commercial Plus Pricing, then you can still try the New Blue Shipping  as it gives rates below CPP in many cases and CPP rates for International Shipping.

See More information below.

USPS Shipping with CPP Rates



More Information....

US Postal Service has four tiers of pricing

1. Negotiated Service Agreement [NSA] - Special agreement between USPS and Large shippers such as Amazon, big box retailers etc.

2. Commercial Plus Pricing [CPP] - available for large volume shippers - above 50,000 packages in a year
3. Commercial Base Pricing [CBP] - standard software rates
4. Retail rate available when you walk into the post office

NSA rates tend to be the best but confidential between the agreeing parties. The New Blue Shipping Rates are between Level 1 (NSA) and Level 2 (CPP) 

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