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Compare Shipping Costs in T-HUB Desktop

Starting with T-HUB version 10.460, you can compare your shipping costs for each package with different carriers before shipping.

This ensures you always ship the best way possible and minimize your shipping costs.

This is supported for domestic package shipments with Endicia (for USPS), UPS and FedEx. The Rate compare tool will display rates from your UPS/FedEx accounts with the negotiated rates if applicable.

Typically you will get best shipping costs with USPS with endicia (New Blue Shipping) for up to 20 Lbs on small and medium packages in all eight zones in US.

Here are steps to configure and use the Shipping Cost Comparison Tool


Step 1: Setup your Origin (Ship From) Address (REQUIRED)

Click on Web Stores menu > My Web Stores

My Web Stores


Select your Store and Click on Edit Store

Edit Store


Enter your Ship From Address details - see example below

Store Address Details


Step 2: Setup and Connect to your Shipping Accounts

You should setup your Endicia, UPS, FedEx accounts in T-HUB. Even If you don't have any shipping accounts setup, you can check

savings in shipping costs from USPS using the New Blue Shipping program. Just go to Step 3 below.

Click here for Steps connecting to your Endicia Label Server Account. Click here to open a new Endicia Account with discounted shipping rates from USPS via the New Blue Shipping Program.

Click here for steps connecting to your UPS Online Account from T-HUB

Click here for Steps connecting your FedEx Account from T-HUB.


Step 3: Select the Order to Compare Shipping costs

Select the order and click on the Compare Shipping costs icon as shown below
Compare and Save on Shipping Costs 
Step 4: Compare and Save on Shipping Costs

Enter and weight and dimensions of the package you want to ship and then click on "Find me Best Way to Ship".

This will display the available shipping costs and delivery days, for your connected shipping accounts. 

Check the "Compare and Save with New Blue Shipping" check box if you want to get rates available from the New Blue shipping program from USPS.

You can click on Select to start shipping with the selected carrier.

Click on Hide if you do not want to consider rates for a particular shipping service. For example if you do want want to ship with UPS NextDay Air Saver then you can hide that service 

so it will not show up as an option in your Available rates for comparison.

If you want to display ALL available rates then click on "Show All (including hidden services)"

Review Shipping Costs for your Online Orders

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