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Connect to Ecwid from T-HUB Online

Follow these steps to connect your T-HUB Online to your Ecwid account.


Step 1:

Login to your Ecwid account and Click on DashBoard > Account Summary. Note your Store ID


Ecwid Store ID



Step 2:

Click on System Settings > API > Order API. Note down the Order API secret Key

Ecwid Order API


Step 3:

Login to T-HUB ONline. Go to Settings > Click on Online Store Marketplaces (Channels) 

Click to Setup Shopping cart connection from T-HUB Online


Step 4:

Click on Add New Store and Select Ecwid from list of supported carts. 

Add new Store to T-HUB Online


Step 4:

Enter the Order download Start date in MM/DD//YYYY format.

Enter Web Service url as :

Enter Store ID from Step 1 above

Enter Authentication Token from Step 2 above

Ecwid Thub Online Connections


Click on Test Connection.


Step 5:

Enter your Company Information

Online Store Company Information


Step 6:

Click on Save to Save your connection details

Choose files or drag and drop files
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