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Connect to X-Cart from T-HUB Online

Connecting your T-HUB Online to X-Cart involves a two part process. The first part is Web Server Configuration and the second part is the T-HUB Online Application Configuration

Follow these steps to connect your T-HUB Online to your x-CART Website.


Web Server Configuration

Step SC1:

Download the X-Cart web server files for T-HUB Online from this link below and save to your local computer


Step SC2:

Unzip the contents of the downloaded zip file to a local temp directory for example (C:\temp\thub). You can extract files to any other folder - just make sure you note and remember where are the extracted files


Step SC3:

Copy all the files from the zip (from folder c:\temp\thub if you extracted to local directory as per above) to your X-CART powered website admin folder. 




T-HUB Online Application Configuration


Step 1:

Go to Settings > Click on Online Store Marketplaces (Channels) 

Click to Setup Shopping cart connection from T-HUB Online


Step 2:

Click on Add New Store and Select X-CART from list of supported carts. 

Add New Store


Step 3:

Enter the Order number to start download. This is the Order number from which T-HUB Online will start downloading your website Orders.

XCart Settings T-HUB Online


Step 4:

Enter your website url for Thub script. Note the url is case-sensitive, please verify the name of the script is entered as thubservice.php with proper case. This url must start with http:// or https://  and end with /thubservice.php

    If your X-Cart website ADMIN url is  then enter url here as


    Step 5:
    Enter your website admin account login, password. This is the admin login and password you use to login to the admin site of your X-Cart website.


      Step 6:

      Enter your Company Information

      Online Store Company Information



        Step 7:

        Click on Save to Save your connection details. Click on Test Connection to test the connection from T-HUB Online to your X-Cart website.

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