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Connect to AspDotNetStorefront from T-HUB Online

AspDotNetStorefront Server Configuration

Step SC1:

Login to the Admin page of your website. Then click on Configuration > Settings


Step SC2:

In the search box - enter Thub then hit Enter key

Step SC3:

Click on Thub.User and enter user name as thubuser

Then click on Save and Close

Step SC4:

Click on Thub.Password and enter a password value that you will remember to input in T-HUB. Click Save and Close

T-HUB Online Application Configuration


Step 1:

Go to Settings > Click on Online Store Marketplaces (Channels) 

Click to Setup Shopping cart connection from T-HUB Online


Step 2:

Click on Add New Store and select AspDotNetStorefront from list of supported carts. 

Add New Store


Step 3:

Enter the Order number to start download. This is the Order number from which T-HUB Online will start downloading your website Orders.

Connect to AspDotNetStorefront from T-HUB Online


Step 4:

Enter your website url for Thub script. This url must start with http:// or https://  and end with /thub

If your website url is  then enter url here as


Step 5:

Enter your website Thub user and password as setup in steps SC3 and SC4. 


Step 6:

Enter store number for your website. Enter 0 as default to include all website store orders.


Step 7:

Enter your Company Information

Online Store Company Information



Step 8:

Click on Save to Save your connection details. Click on Test Connection to test the connection from T-HUB Online to your website.

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