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Connect to Magento from T-HUB Online

Connecting your T-HUB Online to Magento involves a two part process. The first part is Magento Server Configuration and the second part is the T-HUB Online Application Configuration

Follow these steps to connect your T-HUB Online to your Magento Website.


Magento Server Configuration

Step SC1:

Download the Magento web server files for T-HUB Online from this link below and save to your local computer


Step SC2:

Unzip the contents of the downloaded zip file to a local temp directory for example (C:\temp\thub). You can extract files to any other folder - just make sure you note and remember where are the extracted files


Step SC3:

Copy all the files from the zip (from folder c:\temp\thub if you extracted to local directory as per above) to your Magento powered website root folder. 

Note that TWO files (thubservice.php AND thubtest.html) should go to the root folder of Magento (same folder where you will find index.php file (in other words same level as you find the app folder for Magento files).

Folder Thub should be created under /app/code/local/Mage. Note the spelling of Thub folder, it is case-sensitive. All other thub files should be uploaded to folder /app/code/local/Mage/Thub/Model/Run

Upload T-HUB Online files to Magento Server


T-HUB Online Application Configuration


Step 1:

Go to Settings > Click on Online Store Marketplaces (Channels) 

Click to Setup Shopping cart connection from T-HUB Online


Step 2:

Click on Add New Store and Select Magento from list of supported carts. 

Add New Store


Step 3:

Enter the Order download Start date. The date entered here is the date from which T-HUB Online will start downloading your Magento Orders.

Magento Connection from T-HUB Online


Step 4:

Enter your website url for Thub script. Note the url is case-sensitive, please verify the name of the script is entered as thubservice.php with proper case. This url must start with http:// or https://  and end with /thubservice.php

If your Magento website url is  then enter url here as


Step 5:
Enter your website admin account login, password. This is the admin login and password you use to login to the admin site of your Magento website.


Step 6:

Enter store number for your website. The store number is the first few numbers in your website order number. So if Website order number is 10000000004  then store number is 1, if website order number 30000000004 then store number is 3, if website order number is 20100000004 then store number is 201.


Step 7:

Enter your Company Information

Online Store Company Information



Step 8:

Click on Save to Save your connection details. Click on Test Connection to test the connection from T-HUB Online to your Magento website.

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