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Connect to eBay from T-HUB Online

Follow these steps to connect your T-HUB Online to your eBay account.


Step 1:

Go to Settings > Click on Online Store Marketplaces (Channels) 

Click to Setup Shopping cart connection from T-HUB Online


Step 2:

Click on Add New Store and Select eBay from list of supported carts. 

Add New Store


Step 3:

Enter the Order download Start date (Must be within the last 30 days) and click Signin. The date entered here is the date from which T-HUB Online will start downloading your eBay Orders.

eBay Connection start


Step 4:

You will be taken to eBay website login page and asked to enter your ebay login and password. After entering your eBay Login and password, eBay will ask you to authorize T-HUB Online application to be able to access your eBay account. Click on I Agree and continue.


Step 5:

Enter your Company Information

Online Store Company Information


Step 6:

Click on Save to Save your connection details

Choose files or drag and drop files
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